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Retro Fresh

A post not directly related to data visualisation but however is totally awesome, at the Future Fresh we are interested in all kinds of design and this week we have been talking about “Arcade/ 80s” styled art […]

Why are infographics so important?

Every day infographic production increases by 1%, this does not sound like much but it is. Infographics are increasingly being recognised for their impact in marketing campaigns and their effectiveness to spread a message or […]

Data visualisation in music and culture.


This is a different and interesting take on uses for data visualisation, well worth watching even if you are new to data and info graphics.

Data Visualization Reinterpreted by VISUALIZED from VISUALIZED on Vimeo.


Video source:

How far is it to Mars?

Just how far away is our red neighbour Mars? This great website by David Paliwoda and Jesse Williams helps put things into perspective. Click here to take a look.

Future Fresh 2014 Show Reel

Beauty in data, science and mathematics

This is a perfect example of data, science and mathematics being transformed into functional visual and audible art.
Thanks to TED and Joann Kuchera-morin for this amazing demonstration.