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Welcome to the Chalk Board. This is where we showcase our work, our latest news and things we generally find interesting. Please feel free to browse and use our work in your blogs or publications. All we ask is that you reference and notify us when using anything from our website.

Beautiful Graphics Produced By GPS Data

Track students over three years and this is the kind of visual you can get out of the data, this is a great example of functional art.

Presentations Can Look Nice!


Both of these slides are extracts from a presentation used to explore an organisations performance and general employee happiness. Above illustrates success within the organisation so far and how they plan to move forward to […]

Energy and Power!

How we produce our energy is very much a hot topic now days, but how has energy production changed over the past 40 years, this infographic shows a snippet of time within USA between 1960 […]

Humans in Space!



Space is fascinating and is often a conversation topic here at Future Fresh, this infographic is a great way to find out some interesting statistics and facts about space you might just not have known.

Can England Win The World Cup

This infographic was created for Loughborough University, it outlines how different nations feel about their chances in the world cup.

Future Fresh Animation for Rate My Placement

Check out the recent animation Future Fresh created for Rate My Placement, let us know what you think!
The story of RMP!

— RateMyPlacement (@RateMyPlacement) June 23, 2014