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Virtual Reality – setting new horizons for learning.

The term and concept of Virtual Reality can be traced back as early as 1938, in Antonin Artaud’s influential book The Theatre and Its Double. He described the environment and concept of the theatre as […]

Helping Loughborough University students flourish and fly!

Future Fresh was first established at Loughborough University in their business incubator centre. Since then we have worked with the university on numerous projects, and last week we completed an animation explaining the ways that Loughborough help […]

Advantages of Digital Training

As we know switching to Digital Training has many benefits but did you know switching to e-learning for example could save you on average up to 60% on training costs when compared to traditional classroom […]

Visualising sunlight in a new way!

Winter is here and the sunlight is fading, fear not, here is a visualisation of sunlight. It may not keep you warm but it will certainly show our sun in a new light.

Messi Vs Ronaldo Stats

With the 2014 World Cup coming to an end over the weekend, we can say with certainty that the tournament has been full of fantastic moments. Many players have stood out for their achievements, especially […]

Carbon Footprint Comes Down A Few Sizes

This graphic was produced for an organisation that wanted to tell the story of how they are reducing their carbon footprint.