Our Process

What does all this mean?

Request for Information Phase

Contact Future Fresh

(If you know what you need you can skip to step 2)

Submit a Request for Quotation

This is a document filled out by you outlining your project specifications, the more detail you can provide the better

Submit a Request for Quotation Response

Future Fresh issue a response to your Request for Quatation, we will outline specifications as we understand them and the relevant costs

Purchase Order issued

If you are happy with the specifications and costs we will issue you a Purchase Order to sign and return

Project Kickoff Phase

Time slot assigned

At this stage your project will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will now plan the project production

Kickoff meeting 

Your assigned Project Manager will hold a kickoff meeting with the Future Fresh production team, if you wish you can be involved in this

Production begins

Your project has now been planned down to the last detail and we are ready to begin production

Review Phase


Depending on individual projects certain milestones will be in place, but all projects will have opportunities for phase review

Alpha and Beta builds

Some projects such as E-Learning will require Alpha and Beta version builds at each stage you are given opurtunities to review the project

Gold Release

Gold Release is the final build of every project, all bugs (if any) have been resolved and the product is ready to go live

Project Delivery Phase

Project Handover

Your work has now been completed and handed over to you

Follow ups

We like to ensure that there has been 100% satisfaction throughout the entire process, we will contact you with a quick follow up to find out how you found working with us


We are always happy to help our clients, if you require any support in the future do not hessitate to give us a call

If you would like a detailed breakdown of our processes and more information related to working with Future Fresh you can request a Working with Future Fresh document by getting in touch.

Useful documents and their uses

RFQ = Request for Quotation

An RFQ is submitted to Future Fresh by you to express interest in our services and costs, you can download an RFQ from our website or request one by contacting us

Quote = Request for Quotation Response

Once we have received your RFQ we will respond with an official quotation outlining your specifications as we understand them along with project costing. Our quotation is valid for 48 working hours

PO = Purchase Order

If you are happy with your received RFQR we will raise a PO for you to sign and return, this outlines all agreed aspects of the project. We will use your PO to generate an internal project specification document for our production team to work from

RFC = Request For Change

Sometimes your requirements change during a project, if this happens you can submit an RFC which will then allows us to assess your current project implement your new requirements.

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