3D & Simulations

Simulations and 3D allow us to create scenarios and environments that do not or could not exist in reality, such as; being able to dismantle an operating jet engine to inspect each and every working element all from the comfort of the office.

3D Modelling and Animation

Our 3D designers have several years of experience creating 3D models and environments for many industry sectors. Using a 3D substitute rather than the real thing is a cost effective way of displaying the information to a user based in any location, with the advantages or being able to manipulate the model up close in great detail without any size or safety restrictions. Our 3D models can show complex mechanical objects like never before – internally and externally, all while being assembled or in the process of functioning.

Software Simulation

We create software simulation training courses, where users can learn, understand and develop their skills on software they have no or limited access to. This learning can be taken in any location through desktop or mobile courses.

3D simulation & Gamification

We have in house 3D artists and gaming engine experts who are able to create simulation environments that users can explore and train within to simulate procedures and objectives. Learning through a virtual 3D world is both exciting and thrilling, but most of all the experience stays with you long after you have finished your training.

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