Digital Learning

The effective communication of information is imperative when creating successful digital learning/training solutions. We are constantly researching new ways to create and present learning packages whilst solidifying our current tried and tested methods.

E-learning & Online Training

Cost effective, engaging and fun! Our E-Learning stands out from the crowd. We understand how people learn and communicate, making our training solutions perfect for those who need to get their ideas across fast and consistently on both large and small scales.

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E-learning managment / LMS Setup

Manage your E-Learning courses through a Learning Management System to track and record a user’s progress is a vital part of the training process. An LMS allows you to measure the success of your training, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in your work force whilst informing you on how to tackle future training decisions.

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3D & Simulations

Simulations and 3D allow us to create scenarios and environments that do not or could not exist in reality, such as; being able to dismantle an operating jet engine to inspect each and every working element all from the comfort of the office.

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