2705, 2015

Helping Loughborough University students flourish and fly!

Future Fresh was first established at Loughborough University in their business incubator centre. Since then we have worked with the university on numerous projects, and last week we completed an animation explaining the ways that Loughborough help their students engage and develop their enterprising skills, to help them flourish … and FLY!
Check out the animation on their YouTube channel […]

2711, 2014

Visualising sunlight in a new way!

Winter is here and the sunlight is fading, fear not, here is a visualisation of sunlight. It may not keep you warm but it will certainly show our sun in a new light.

1107, 2014

Carbon Footprint Comes Down A Few Sizes

This graphic was produced for an organisation that wanted to tell the story of how they are reducing their carbon footprint.

1107, 2014

Beautiful Graphics Produced By GPS Data

Track students over three years and this is the kind of visual you can get out of the data, this is a great example of functional art.

1107, 2014

Presentations Can Look Nice!


Both of these slides are extracts from a presentation used to explore an organisations performance and general employee happiness. Above illustrates success within the organisation so far and how they plan to move forward to achieve more, below illustrates some of the difficult challenges they face each day.


1107, 2014

Humans in Space!



Space is fascinating and is often a conversation topic here at Future Fresh, this infographic is a great way to find out some interesting statistics and facts about space you might just not have known.

1107, 2014

Can England Win The World Cup

This infographic was created for Loughborough University, it outlines how different nations feel about their chances in the world cup.

2606, 2014

Future Fresh Animation for Rate My Placement

Check out the recent animation Future Fresh created for Rate My Placement, let us know what you think!
The story of RMP!

— RateMyPlacement (@RateMyPlacement) June 23, 2014

2006, 2014

Retro Fresh

A post not directly related to data visualisation but however is totally awesome, at the Future Fresh we are interested in all kinds of design and this week we have been talking about “Arcade/ 80s” styled art coming back in fashion, so we decided to try out our skills and make a mega 80s styled Future Fresh […]

2006, 2014

Why are infographics so important?

Every day infographic production increases by 1%, this does not sound like much but it is. Infographics are increasingly being recognised for their impact in marketing campaigns and their effectiveness to spread a message or an idea. Future Fresh have put together this infographic designed to help highlight why visuals are so important in content […]