2107, 2015

Virtual Reality – setting new horizons for learning.

The term and concept of Virtual Reality can be traced back as early as 1938, in Antonin Artaud’s influential book The Theatre and Its Double. He described the environment and concept of the theatre as “la réalité virtuelle”, a place that allows an audience to experience characters, objects, audio and imagery in a purely fictitious […]

3003, 2015

Gamification & big data

As creative thinkers we are always finding new ways to stimulate and engage our audience within our products.

Our design team has a combined total of over 10 years’ experience working with the E-Learning sector, and we have found that using Gamification within digital training significantly improves the learning rate and screen engagement over a longer length […]

2603, 2015

Website update – 2015

To start off 2015 we have launched our new website with our up to date branding and services!

We believe it’s important to keep your marketing up to date, reflecting your services and brand values. Future Fresh has changed a lot over the past year, working with new clients and new products.

We are constantly developing our […]

312, 2014

Future Fresh is back on the Nottingham Post website.

Future Fresh is once again back on the Nottingham Post Website, check out the full article here. goo.gl/ewiwbk

1407, 2014

Creative Class 2014 Event Footage

Take a look at the footage from the Creative Class 2014 evening, this video explains what it is all about. Pay close attention to 2 minutes 3 seconds to see a familiar face from Future Fresh!

Video Credit: Nottingham Means Business

1007, 2014

Future Fresh is in the ten businesses selected to join Nottingham’s Creative Class.

Last night Future Fresh attended the Nottingham Means Business event where they announced ten companies to join Nottingham’s Creative Class, and Future Fresh was included in this selection.

For the full story head over the Nottingham post website.

Link to Nottingham Post article

Link to Nottingham Means Business Creative Class members


Thank you to everybody involved that has made […]

205, 2014

2014 Enterprise Awards

Here are a couple of photos from Wednesday night at the 2014 Enterprise Awards at Loughborough University. Congratulations to everybody that was either nominated or won an award, it was a really fun night!



View the full gallery here


Thanks to Loughborough University for the great evening and to everybody who has supported us.

1404, 2014

Nottingham Post “Trio visualise good future for data firm after move to city”.


Future Fresh met up with Nottingham Post recently to talk about Data, Visualisations and Nottingham, follow the link below to see what they thought about Future Fresh

Read more: http://www.nottinghampost.com/Trio-visualise-good-future-data-firm-city/story-20939602-detail/story.html#ixzz2yqliKP9r

Thanks to: Gemma Toulson and the Nottingham Post

2103, 2014



The latest phase of the Version22 website has now launched to promote the launch of the Version22 Kickstarter campaign.

The Geco Hub is a great way to store your important belongings, check out their website and the Kickstarter page via the links below.



2103, 2014

Future Fresh has been nominated for Enterprise Awards 2014

Future Fresh has been nominated for an award at Loughborough Universities Enterprise Awards 2014.
We would love it if you could vote for us and spread the word, simply follow the link below and select Future Fresh on the right hand side.