2107, 2015

Virtual Reality – setting new horizons for learning.

The term and concept of Virtual Reality can be traced back as early as 1938, in Antonin Artaud’s influential book The Theatre and Its Double. He described the environment and concept of the theatre as “la réalité virtuelle”, a place that allows an audience to experience characters, objects, audio and imagery in a purely fictitious […]

904, 2015

Why is Data now called “Big”?: Part 1

Ever since Man could count we have used data to make sense of the world around us, measuring phenomena through the correcting lens of statistics and facts.

The amount of data we’ve traditionally been able to collect and store has been comparatively small, and notoriously difficult to handle when swamped with too much of the stuff, […]

104, 2015

Good things often happen under strange circumstances.

Take for instance the founders of Future Fresh. Their story begins with swapping day for night, pay cheques for passion and employment for entrepreneurship.

It’s 2010, and Andy Williams and Nathan Kohut find themselves working for the same E-Learning company, which had started to expand and grow rapidly. This unprecedented situation called for a night shift […]

1202, 2015

Visualising a 3D World

We do not live in 2 dimensional world, only being able to move up, down, left and right. Our visual experience of the world is in 3 dimensions. We all understand what 3D means, however we are going to explore why 3D is so important when it comes to Data Visualisation.

In a previous article (link […]

112, 2014

Information is a Journey


Understanding information is a journey. How do we make sure that the user reaches their destination? Data Visualisation is the essential road map that guides you, ensuring that you don’t get lost in an endless forest of meaningless statistics and data.

When we are faced with information that appears unclear with little or no structure, we […]