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1202, 2014

Marketing Matters


Marketing Matters that’s why Future Fresh was commissioned to create this colourful illustration to accompany an internal report on marketing.


902, 2014

Eco warriors


Future Fresh was commissioned to create a presentation for a UK energy company, depicting the issues of global warming, and how new measures were being introduced to combat these effects.

Unfortunately due to confidentiality we have had to remove all of the content from the graphics.

402, 2014

What did you have for breakfast?


The worlds demand for cereal is ever increasing, this graphic designed by Future Fresh was created for use in a presentation highlighting production targets in agriculture for 2014.

2501, 2014

Student population

Future Fresh was asked to create a series of infographics on the UK’s student population, and how it has evolved over the past decade.

1211, 2013

Risk of death

This is a cheerful infographic created by Future Fresh highlighting the risks involved in everyday life, from driving to cigarettes.

811, 2013

Maps, Maps and more Maps

We all love maps, These are designs by Future Fresh for a piece of mapping software which we are currently still developing. This particular piece will be used to produce mapping outputs from live data, however this project is top secret so unfortunately at this point we cant tell you any more than this.

2610, 2013

Business around the world

Future Fresh was asked to create an infographic to represent how the worlds economy is affecting the business of a retailer, however due to confidentiality we can only show you the graphics produced for this project and we have stripped out sensitive information, but you can still appreciate our art work.

1810, 2013

It’s time to retire


As we all know NASA recently retired their remaining shuttles. Future Fresh created a set of infographics in remembrance of the tragedy and success of the space shuttle program.

1010, 2013


Vyn is an independent record store that specialises in vinyl records and equipment.

For their logo redesign they required something that reflected their individuality and that had energy and dynamism. Any sense of tradition, or of being stuck in the past, should be thrown out and replaced with something current and youthful.

By using a broken record, […]

110, 2013

Honey Bee Line


Website design for The Honey Bee Line

The Honey-Bee Line produces exceptional honey based products. Using only natural ingredients and honey collected from their experienced beekeepers they produce everything from skincare products to candles, and of course the highest quality local honey. Each of which has it’s own distinctive flavour depending on weather conditions, which flowers […]